DOFT Aroma Essential Oil 30ml Water-based

DOFT Aroma Essential Oil 30ml (Water-based)

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## ADD 3 SCENTS TO CART AND KEY PROMO CODE: ( 3x1080 ) FOR $10.80 AT CHECK OUT ## DOFT Water-Based Aroma Essence for USE in Aroma Diffuser, Air Revitalisor, Air Humidifier & Water vacuum cleaner etc. Made from 100% botanical extracts to revitalize your well-being. Natural Flowers 1,LAVENDER Relaxation, Soothing & Calm mood. 2, ROSE Comforting, uplifting, romantic & balance hormones. 3, SAKURA Purifying, pleasing, calming & restoring. 4, JASMINE Feeling calm, relieves stress & anxiety. Natural Fruits 5, LEMON Refreshing, self-enhancing & improve concentration. 6, GRAPEFRUIT Soothing and clarifying & Uplifting your mood. 7, GREEN APPLE Calming & balances the emotions. Natural Plants 8, GREEN TEA Cleansing, purifying & Uplifting. 9,PEPPERMINT Calming, soothing, relieve headache & sinus. 10, EUCALYPTUS Purifying, cleansing, ease sinus, cold & flu. 11, SANDALWOOD Calming, dis-stress & promote positive thinking. 12, LEMONGRASS Insect repellent, Cleansing & Uplifting. 13, CITRONELLA Insect repellent, enhanced digestion and uplifted moods Blending Scents 14, OCEAN Refreshing & calming fragrance for concentration. 15, MORNING BREEZE Revitalizing, uplifting with a positive mood. 16, REST & RELAX Relax the body and mind, relieve stress. 17, SMOKELESS Eliminates unpleasant odor & cigarette smell. 18, BAMBOO & APPLE Calming, soothing & relaxing. ☘️Cleaner Air ☘️100% Alcohol-Free ☘️Botanical Extracts ☘️Eliminates Odors & Smoke ☘️Aromatherapy benefits with True scents.